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Best Sandals Resort

Choosing Best Sandals Resort:

Looking for last minute vacations or last minute vacation deals? Then consider going to one of the Sandals resorts in the Caribbean. Here’s what you can expect from any of the properties Sandals owns in one of the four most stunning  Caribbean islands: most romantic sunsets ever, superb azure waters, beautiful white sand

beaches, and all-inclusive ambiance of the paradise. You should go, particularly if you are looking for all-inclusive luxury type of vacation. Do you want to experience the sophisticated beat of the Bahamas island, mysterious allure of Antigua, majestic volcanic nature of St. Lucia, or warm friendly reggae style of Jamaica? Sandals’ last minute vacation deals will cover it all. With Sandals’ last minute vacation deals you are only hours away from the exceptional Luxury-Included® adventure.

Before we talk about each individual resort, let’s look into what is exactly included into the upfront price you will be asked to pay before you even arrive at your chosen destination. This is true for any of the best Sandals resort. First off, Sandals guarantees that you will be treated like royalty and you won’t have to think about your budget once you have paid the all-inclusive price. Even the tips – they are officially forbidden! OK, but what else is included? Here’s the full list:

-airport transfers;

-basic wedding package that includes a certified marriage certificate, charming wedding setting, wedding gift from Sandals, reception for the couple and two gusts with sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres,  among many other things (in partnership with Martha Stuart);

-deluxe accommodation;

-land sports: tennis, including night lit courts, croquet, beach volleyball, fitness center, shuffleboard, lawn chess, darts, basketball, cards;

-hotel taxes, gratuities, and all tips;

-exchange privileges;

-top-shelf drinks;

-water sports: non-motorized boats, glass-bottom boats, waterskiing, scuba diving, paddle boats, wakeboarding and water hammocks, Jacuzzis, pool and beach towel service, complementary water sports lessons;

-golf in St. Lucia and Jamaica;

-and last but not least, all meals including fine dining, and anytime snacks.

Although, it would be nice if your last minute vacation deals at the best Sandals resorts would include absolutely everything, however, this is rarely the case. While it’s important to understand what is included, it’s probably more important to know what exactly is not included to avoid any surprises upon arrival. Here’s what is not included with your last minute vacations with Sandals:

-certain airport taxes;

-any phone calls you make from your room;

-some transportation expenses (but not airport transfers and transfers between other Sandals properties);

-scuba certification (you still can take advantage of the complimentary scuba diving lessons);

-any items in gift shops;

-medical assistance (resident nurse services are complimentary, but not doctor’s services or medication);

-golf caddies (they are actually mandatory!)

-all optional tours;

-any spa treatments.

A few words about the dress code. How casual and relaxed do you want your last minute vacation to be? Do you like dressing up every night? Or, would you prefer to forget about your dress pants and shirts and stick to a comfortable pair of shorts and relaxed t-shirts? Any best Sandals resort would only allow casual dress shorts. No cut-offs, athletic shorts, or anything too short. Sandals require that your swim suits be dry and covered at all times. Sandals also does not allow bare feet, so make sure you always aware your sandals. Are you still sure you want to spend your last minute vacations at Sandals? If you have an offbeat personality and don’t like the restrictions of the elegant clothing, then Sandals resorts may not be right for you. If, however, you like dressing elegantly every single night, and expect other people to do the same, then, there is no better place for you than Sandals resorts. Alright, sometimes you can dress casually elegant, but that would depend on the restaurant  you booked for that particular evening. And, you can always change into something more comfortable for the rest of the evening, after you have finished dining. The good news is that Sandals’ restaurants don’t require you to wear a jacket. However, gentlemen are expected to wear dress pants, collared shirts with sleeves and dress style footwear.

How much money should you bring with you? It depends. For your last minute vacations at Sandals, you can simply forget about cash, the moment you arrived at Sandals. Even the best last minute vacation deals at Sandals are still considered pricey by many vacationers. But, once you have paid the upfront fee for your chosen Sandals resort, you can literally forget about the money as everything is included, and Sandals resorts are adamant about their no-tipping policy. So, no cash is needed – just relax and enjoy your stay. Once you have arrived at Sandals, the reception desk will ask for your credit card so that they can activate your room and, going forward, you would be expected to sign any extra charges to your room. Wait a minute, you have just said we can forget about money? Well, it’s true. But, remember, there are spa treatments, golf caddies, scuba diving certification, and additional tours, just to name a few extras that you might want to take advantage of. You don’t have to, though. But, if you decide to use some services that are not included into your package, then extra charges will  apply and charged to your credit card. Still, no cash is allowed at Sandals resorts. I do recommend you bring some cash, though, as you might want to tip luggage attendants at the airport, or when travelling outside your Sandals’ property for shopping or entertainment.

Now, let’s have a look at the best Sandals resort rating. It wasn’t a very easy task to compile the list as Sandals have 13 properties in the Caribbean located in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Antigua, and St. Lucia. These are four different countries, all with their own history and culture. This rating is based on your votes as determined by Trip Advisor. It should be noted that Trip Advisor doesn’t  have a standalone rating of Sandals resorts; rather, it’s spread over the four islands, and across 8 different locations in these islands. The table below ranks Sandals resorts according to their popularity in a particular destination weighed against a total number of resorts at each destination. The more positive consumer votes a Sandals resort gets and the more  number of resorts there are in a particular destination, the higher it’s represented on this rating. For instance,  Sandals Royal Plantation, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica is ranked 17 out of 295 hotels in Jamaica, which makes it number one on this list. Even though, Sandals Emerald Bay, in Great Exuma, Bahamas is ranked 22 in the Bahamas, there are only 167 resorts in the Bahamas, which places it only at number 6 on this list. For comparison purposes, I also give you the Sandals’ resort ranking in a particular resort area. For instance,  Sandals Royal Plantation, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is actually ranked number 3 in Ocho Rios, which makes it your best choice if you are thinking of spending your last minute vacations in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.

Here’s the best Sandals resort rating:

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Rank Best Sandals Resort Overall Ranking Picture Gallery
1. Sandals Royal Plantation,Ocho Rios, Jamaica #17 in Jamaica #3 in Ocho Rios Sandals Royal Plantation - Ocho Rios, Jamaica
2. Sandals Whitehouse, in Whitehouse, Jamaica #23 in Jamaica #1 in Whitehouse Sandals Whitehouse - Whitehouse, Jamaica
3. Sandals Carlyle,Montego Bay, Jamaica #24 in Jamaica #4 in Montego Bay Sandals Carlyle - Montego Bay, Jamaica - best Sandals Resort
4. Sandals Royal Caribbean,Montego Bay, Jamaica #31 in Jamaica #6 in Montego Bay Sandals Royal Caribbean - Montego Bay, Jamaica
5. Sandals Negril,Negril, Jamaica #36 in Jamaica #16 in Negril Sandals Negril - Negril, Jamaica
6. Sandals Emerald Bay,Great Exuma, Bahamas #22 in Bahamas #3 in Great Exuma Sandals Emerald Bay - Emerald Bay, Bahamas
7. Sandals Montego Bay,Montego Bay, Jamaica #41 in Jamaica #8 in Montego Bay Sandals Montego Bay - Montego Bay, Jamaica
8. Sandals Grande Riviera,Montego Bay, Jamaica #45 in Jamaica #6 in Ocho Rios Sandals Grande Riviera - Ocho Rios, Jamaica
9. Sandals Grande St. Lucian,Gros Islet, St. Lucia #17 in St. Lucia #2 in Gros Islet Sandals Grande St. Lucian - Castries, St. Lucia
10. Sandals La Toc,Castries, St. Lucia #20 in St. Lucia #8 in Castries Sandals La Toc - Castries, St. Lucia
11. Sandals Halcyon Beach,Castries, St. Lucia #22, in St. Lucia #9 in Castries Sandals Halcyon Beach - Castries, St. Lucia
12. Sandals Grande Antigua,St. John’s, Antigua #15 in Antigua #8 in St. John’s Sandals Grande Antigua - St. Johns, Antigua
13. Sandals Royal Bahamian,Nassau, Bahamas #30 in Bahamas #2 in Nassau Sandals Royal Bahamian - Nassau, Bahamas

As you can see, none of the Sandals resorts actually ranks number one overall in any of the Caribbean destinations it is represented in. However, most of them do rank pretty high in most popular locations in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Antigua, and St. Lucia. Therefore, if you are looking for a luxury resort experience, the Sandals resorts still would be the most viable option price-wise and service wise. All Sandals resorts are available at 65% if booked directly from the Sandals website.

This rating would not be complete if I don’t tell you about all the pros and cons of each Sandals resort, so have a look at the details of each best Sandals resort below:

The Best Sandals Resort – Details:

1. Sandals Royal Plantation*****

Location Main Street, P.O. Box 2, Ocho Rios 2, Jamaica; in the middle of the northern coast of Jamaica;
Rooms 77 suits; all with spectacular ocean views; The resort has the flare of a chic private villa and all the benefits of a first-rate resort; Sandals’ only boutique-style resort

Sandals Royal Plantation Room View

Sandals Royal Plantation Room View

Sandals Royal Plantation - The Beach

Sandals Royal Plantation - The Beach

Price Butler suit – from $272 per night
Trip Advisor Rating:
Total # of reviews 656
Good: 599
Average: 33
Bad: 24
Pros: -ideal for couples retreat and honeymooners; amazing service; terrific food;  crystal clear beaches; stunning room views; friendliest staff; lovely restaurants; accommodating butlers; very comfortable rooms; fantastic choice of drinks at mini bar;
Cons: -somewhat limited lunch & dinner room service menu; small beaches; not all butler suits have Jacuzzi; with many stairs on property – not good for physically challenged;  most crowd over 40s (or, can be a pro for some); this resort is a little too formal for some; very expensive extras;

2. Sandals Whitehouse*****

Location P.O. Box 5000 | Savanna La Mar, Whitehouse 5000, Jamaica; on Jamaica’s south coast; 33 miles from airport; spread over 500 acres of Jamaica’s wildness preserve amid abundant palm groves and blue mountains complimented by a 2-mile long pristine beach;
Rooms 360 beachfront rooms; all with spectacular ocean views; The resort  combines the ambiance of 3 European-style villas (Dutch, French, and Italian) with the colourful appeal of the Caribbean;

Penthouse honeymoon Beachfront Concierge Room

Penthouse honeymoon Beachfront Concierge Room

Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica Beach view

Sandals Whitehouse Jamaica Beach view

Price from $193 per night/pp
Trip Advisor Rating:
Total # of reviews 2,101
Good: 1,817
Average: 151
Bad: 133
Pros: -spectacular room views with very comfortable beds; 2-mile long beach; numerous excellent well-placed pools; amazing concierge service; tasty food, impeccable service; a must-see Red Lane spa; sweet drivers; flawless ground landscaping; great entertainment; a very romantic place for couples; most people recommend to book at least a butler room for total satisfaction; the Dutch and Italian villas offer better rooms;
Cons: -some people say rooms are not really luxury;  small balconies; food is not always excellent; there are rocks and seaweed on the beach; some waiters and server were disappointing; internet connection is often down; pretty rough ride from the airport to the resort (about 90 mins);

Sandals Whitehouse resort video:

3. Sandals Carlyle****

Location Kent Avenue | PO Box 421, Montego Bay 00000, Jamaica; located just 5 min. form the airport, and no more than 10 min. from the other two Sandals properties – Sandals Royal Caribbean and Sandals Montego Bay (Sandals Carlyle has exchange privileges with both resorts);
Rooms 52 rooms; this is the smallest Sandals property ; The resort combines the intimacy of a bed-and-breakfast experience with the benefits of room service; penthouse room level also offers butler service

Sandals Carlyle Inn - Seaside Deluxe room

Sandals Carlyle Inn - Seaside Deluxe room

Sandals Carlyle Inn - Beach View

Sandals Carlyle Inn - Beach View

Price from $146 per night/pp
Trip Advisor Rating:
Total # of reviews 683
Good: 466
Average: 31
Bad: 66
Pros: -very friendly staff (at Carlyle you are not just another face); the cheapest Sandals resort, yet guests can take advantage of the two nearby Sandals properties, extending their gourmet and beach experience; impeccable food at any of the two restaurants;  great pool; great for couples looking for intimacy;
Cons: -located close to a busy street; no private beach; the beach is small and across the road, and occupied by the locals (take a shuttle to any of the two adjacent Sandals resort for the ultimate beach experience); entertainment could be better;

I always recommend that you book your vacations directly with the service provider whenever possible. Click here to link directly to the Sandals’ website: Last Minute Deals are still available at Sandals Resorts! Book Now!, and remember, Exciting entertainment and parties await you at Sandals Resorts!

The Detailed review of the Best Sandals Resort continues here.