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Things To Do In Puerto Rico

Are you traveling to Puerto Rico soon, or planning last minute vacations in the Caribbean, and have been wondering about the things to do in Puerto Rico? The answer to your question would be – plenty! But here’s a short list of things one can do in Puerto Rico:

1. Enjoy beautiful beaches. Puerto Rico offers both wild and well-maintained urbanized beaches, perfect for families, surfers, or if you are simply into sunbathing.

2. Abound nature reserves. Not only beaches are beautiful in Puerto Rico, but one can also discover  such natural wonders as the rainforest of El Yunque or the underground Rio Camuy Caves.

3. Puerto Mosquito. A truly spectacular bioluminescent bay on Vieques is perhaps the most famous bioluminescent bay in the whole world. Most people would take a night trip to the bay to enjoy this magical experience – the mysterious green-bluish light created by micro-organisms.

4. A great choice of restaurants all over the island, starting from the bustling San Juan area and finishing with much quieter spots on isolated beaches. Almost every restaurant serves the famous comida criolla.

5. San Juan’s flourishing nightclubs, bars and discos that are rivaling those of Miami.

Everything you can imagine doing while vacationing in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has it. The west coast of Puerto Rico is a Mecca for surfers – totally worth going there, if you are into surfing. For spelunking enthusiasts, Puerto Rico’s north-central region offers one of the largest underground river caves in the world. The Caribbean’s only national forest system El Yunque offers dozens trails for hikers and bikers; or, if you just feel like walking a bit, you still can do it as most trails are less than a mile long. Just pick a route that’s right for you.

Major resorts have superb golf courses along with tennis facilities, if you can’t imagine your vacation without these distinguished activities. Almost every resort can offer you diving or fishing experience, in addition to boating, sailing and snorkeling.

A few words about Puerto Rico’s 365 beaches. Not all beach there are of the same quality. If you are specifically looking for the best beach in Puerto Rico to enjoy your vacation at, then choose carefully. Our best recommendation is Playa Flamenco beach, located on the small Culebra island. Known as one of the best beaches in the world, you will totally enjoy its white powder sand, turquoise waters and sloping green hills. The other two best beaches in Puerto Rico are actually near San Juan, which is good news for those of you who want to stay closer to the bustling nightlife area. One is called Balneario Carolina, and located in Isla Verde, and the other one –  Balneario Escambron, located in Puerta de Tierra. The fourth beach is called Playa Luquillo or Balneario Luquillo, a crescent-shaped beach in a small beach town of Luquillo, located on the north-eastern coast of Puerto Rico. This is actually the closest beach to El Yunque. The government offers 13 gated beaches across Puerto Rico, equipped with playgrounds, parking, some camping facilities, and dressing rooms, but only the four  beaches mentioned above are designated with a Blue Flag, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches that meet their strictest criteria, including the availability of restrooms and water fountains.

things to do in puerto rico - best beaches in puerto rico

If you are into history, then Puerto Rico can offer you numerous historical sites to explore, beginning with San Juan, which is the oldest settlement in this part of the world.

One simply can’t miss Old San Juan. Built as a fortress by the Spanish Conquistadors in the early 16th century, it now boasts more than 410 buildings that have been carefully restored to your tourist pleasure, spotting wrought-iron balconies with luxuriant hanging plants and flowers. Here are just some of the sightseeing attractions of Old San Juan:

1. Castillo San Felipe del Morro,  a fortress built to protect the city, it now offers a spectacular view of the modern city.

2. Catedral de San Juan Bautista, a Gothic style church built around 1520s.

3. Castillo San Cristobal, a massive stone fortress that guarded the east side of the city from land attacks.

4.  Alcaldia, a colonial style old city hall, originally built as a replica of the city hall in Madrid, Spain.

5. La Fortaleza, originally built as a fortress, the building was later tuned into the governor’s palace.

6. Paseo de la Princesa, a beautiful street with street lamps, benches, trees, and flowers – excellent for viewing the boats zipping across the waters.

Streets of Old San Juan

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Greater San Juan’s best attractions that you can’t miss are Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, hosting a Puerto Rican collection from the 16th century to the present day, and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico, located in a Georgian-style building, and offering contemporary artworks by both established and new artists.

Eastern Puerto Rico is mostly famous for El Yunque, a unique rain forest system in the Caribbean, where billions of gallons of water accumulates near the top of the hill, and then rush down, turning into beautiful streams and waterfall cascades along the way. There are dozens of hiking trails to choose from, most of which are easy to walk.

Fajardo,a former pirates’ port, which they used to stock up on supplies, is now a hub for yachts, and a great place for divers.

Another great place for hikers is located in the southern Puerto Rico and called Bosque Estatal de Guanica – a unique tropical dry forest reserve, sprawling along the southern coastal line. It offers about 700 different plants to admire and more than 100 types of birds to watch.

Other attractions one can find in the southern part of Puerto Rico is the second largest city of Ponce, filled with the atmosphere of the 19th century created by horse-drawn carriages, painted trolleys, and sidewalks bordered with pink marble.

Don’t miss Hacienda Buana Vista, a coffee plantation dating back to the 19th century and Museo de Arte de Ponce, that not only boasts the best art collection of the famous Pueto Rican artists, but also has the paintings by Gainsborough, Rubens, and Leighton on display.

Western and Central Puerto Rico.

Number one recommendation here is, of course, Parque de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy – the world’s largest network of caves, where you will see the world’s 3rd-longest underground river along with caves and abundant wildlife, including bats.

Don’t forget to visit Mayaguez, the largest city on the west coast of Puerto Rico featuring charming early 20th-century architecture.

For star watchers, we recommend Observatorio de Arecibo that has the largest radar-radio telescope in the world. Its dish has been rumored to search for extraterrestrial life.

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