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Why Choose Last Minute Vacation Deals

Last Minute Vacation Deals offer great last minute savings for European and sun destinations without the need to be part of some last minute club. If you are simply exploring the last minute travel market, or just happen to search vacation deals at the last minute, you’ll definitely find here great opportunities no matter where your city of departure is.

If you are specifically looking for sun destinations, you need to remember that most beach vacation programs commence in mid December and last till end of March. If you are traveling from North America, then the first couple of weeks in January give you the best chance of booking a last minute vacation thanks to post-Christmas consumer debt, when many resorts and tour operators slash their prices.

Many people are wondering how much they can actually save on last minute vacation deals. Normally, last minute savings can be up to a couple of hundred dollars per person. If you are lucky, you can even find deals exceeding 50% off your travel package, but average savings are normally in the vicinity of 20-25% to the advertised rates.

If you are thinking of saving money on last minute travel, we recommend that you start looking for last minute vacation deals about 3 weeks before the planned departure, as this is when travel companies and agencies start reducing their prices. From there, check the prices daily as you never know when the  deals you are waiting for will pop up. Certain periods of the year present less opportunity for great last minute deals, like March or the beginning of April. This is because prices for these months are reduced in advance, usually right after the Christmas. In January you will be bombarded with all sorts of Early Booking Bonuses, therefore there is no big advantage of waiting until the beginning of April to book your April sunny getaway. The optimal time for booking last minute vacations is 10-12 days before the desired departure date, when you still can find significant discounts and a decent selection for most destinations. Also, remember that, even though, the prices will get lower the closer the departure date is, the limited availability may not give you the best choice.  Last minute prices are also known, in some cases, to be quite volatile 2-3 days before the departure date, and may even rise significantly, if too many people start booking up unexpectedly. There are no guarantees or any specific rules as far as the last minute deals concerned. Tour operators have a lot of pressure when filling up their quotas, and always adjust the prices to sell all their inventory. However, if certain destinations start selling well, prices will be adjusted accordingly. Having said that, we have to admit that the very best last minute deals occur on the very last minute.

Typically, we do not recommend that you wait until last minute to book a popular 5 start resort or hotel. Those are always in demand, particularly brand names, and are not as volatile in prices. They usually have an extensive distribution network, and do not depend that much on tour operators.

But, resorts and hotels in which tour operators are heavily invested, offer greater opportunities for last minute travel deals. This is a situation when a tour operator has taken a large quota of rooms at a specific hotel and now has an obligation to sell the quota in its entirety. If they can’t fill up the quota for whatever reason, they still have to pay for the rooms they have been allocated. Such commitment forces tour operators to slash prices, particularly at the last minute, when they are desperate to sell.


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 Get Outta the Cold and Into the Caribbean! Save up to 65% on last minute deals!

One of the driving forces for price reduction is a large number of charter air seats that hasn’t been sold for some reason. Your greatest savings will be also on hotels which tour operators sell on an exclusive basis.

Who last minute vacation deals are not right for?

We do not recommend last minute vacation booking for people who are not flexible with their departure dates, who have specific popular resorts or hotel in mind, or are planning to travel during popular Holidays such as Christmas, New Year, March break, and holiday weekends. These are very popular periods, and it won’t make you any good waiting until last moment as these periods usually sell out fast. We also do not recommend waiting until last minute if there is a group of people planning to travel together as it will be difficult for everyone in the group to quickly adjust their schedules, particularly when it’s a group of people with diverse needs. Also, if you depend on connector flights, it probably won’t be a good idea to wait until last minute for the best deal.

Always take into account the popularity and size of the specific destination. Certain vacation spots are extremely popular or quite small, for instance, Honduras or Panama. If you really have in mind a specific destination, for instance the Dominican Republic, and still want to wait for last minute vacation deals, be prepared to settle for any resort area on the island – Punta Cana, La Romana, or Puerto Plata. Flexibility is key for last minute vacations. If you are not prepared to be flexible, then always book in advance.

Here are the best periods for last minute vacation deals for beach destinations: the month of June, September and October, the first 2 weeks in December and January, and the last 2 weeks of April. Prices for these periods are slashed in advance, there will be plenty of choice, and great savings to have at the very last minute. Good luck.